Tabatabaei House

Tabatabaei house i famous for being Iran most beautiful houses(Irans bride of the houses)

Kashan is famous for having anonymous architects

long time ago in old Iran and old Persia Land going to school was not only for learning r knowing ,it was being and becoming what was result of thousand of years of living .what i mean is they had SEYRO SOLOOK lesson that i can translate into SOUL,SPIRITUAL lessons that they were learning from Mystics .it used to obligatory passing these Spiritual Lessons before being an architect.that's why there are a lot of reasons and priority of functions in all houses,mosques,baths,bazzar,Zoor Khane (Persian wrestling house),and all and all places you see in a second are caring thousand years of humbly ,science and traditions.

for architects and people ,houses were not only a shelter to live and save but a holly place to dwell and learning and leaning in peace .

what i mean is so easy :

for instance as you are entering each rooms especially at Tabatabaei House you can simply notice that there was no more reason than respect to build doors like that .doors are short and from down part is high for centimeters so for entering you need to be patient,slow and bending a bit for more ease, and at the end what happens is  you are entering with respect to people without the knowledge of doing it .

the Persian logic behind this is that we are not always aware or know if there are people in the room so with building rooms like this its always done.and by the passage of time its a habit and becomes a part of them.

that's why still when you see an Iranian they are beding over a bit to show their humbly,that i can surely say there is no more door functioning in their houses like this,but its just became a part of them .this is only an example .



Hijab is a word that represents any action made to protect a thing from eyes of those are not allowed to see .like scarf that protects hair and neck of the lady from eyes of strangers .

so in the houses the architecture of the houses is a way of living .and as they had Hijab on Ally and streets they functioned it in their houses

there is no Window to the Ally

the yard in at the center of the house so that no noise goes out

entering the houses is through a narrow curved indirect corridor so that you never can see straight .


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