Abbasian house

Abbasian Historical House,one of kashan Historical houses a manifest at the kashan city center old neighborhood

abbasian house is one of the most magnifecent traditional houses in iran that is located in kashan city center in an old neighbourhood that is Alavi Street.

Alavi street is where most of the kashan attractions are located Such as Boroujerdi House,Tabatabaei House,Sultan mirahmed Bath House.Ameri house ,Taj house.

Abbasian house is 220 years old its a house with 5500 square meters has five yards and different sections that are all united and can be used as an independent house aswell,they made the houses this way so that after the death of Father of the family they can be cleared and divid the property for all herited children.

the story of big houses like this is not so far from Nowadays even same life was existed till 20 years ago that the houses were made bigger than  normal so that sons of each family can live in the fathers house when they get married .

due having many children each of these houses where families of  at least 20.

Abbasian mansion is first made by the father of family Mr Ebrahim alavi that later after his death the houses got seperated into 5 diferrent parts as the house is in five yards and the main yard was bought for 10000 Rial by Mr abbasian a crystal merchant that was a big amount of money in 100 years ago and every one thought he bought all the house so by the passage of time the house was fame for abbasian house .

Abbasian House is a Qajar House and has Qajar Period architectuarl system that here are some Qajar houses character below:

1.they are dug deep in the ground for being firm and united in the earthquake ,having the Water of Qanat flewing down (because there wasnot electristiy for pumping sytem ),beign more inside for every thing such as any family matter and any thing they wanted to hide from neighbourhood or lets say more privacy .

2.there is no decoration out of the building so that stranger to the town doesnt recognize the rich houses from poors .and also rich and poor can live together without hairachy .

3.entering the houses were from coridors that are not straight and made curved and narrow to echo the sound to the ladies in the yard to take care of their hijab and also not to be able to see them staright and saving them some time before your entrance .

4.the door nockers are in tow shapes ,one is for male one for female so if the lady knocked the lady knocker a lady would open the door and same for men .

the houses are build very much closed to ecah other so there is a wall on the roof so that no neighbour can see other neighbour .

5.the houses has two part one for public people such as father of family customers,neighbours ,and one only for family members .

6.each house and each yard has top floor for winter so that they can catch the most sun .and all rooms and floor in basement for summer .mostly when you go to the house if you notice you can see that you go more or less 6 meters from the street level to the yard and another 6 meters to threbasment that is connected to the budgir (windtower )and it cools down the basement that in the summer you can see 20 degree of diferrence with street level without any electricty .



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