"kashan city of historical houses of Iran"

Kashan is a small world with diferrent people in face in accent in behaviour,there is many diferrent climate around kashan city center ,maranjab desert,Barzok,Niasar,Qamsar mountainous villages with cold climate. you see a diferrent land ,diferrent people ,different dialects different food only with some very short trips of 25 kilometer to each direction.

kashan has 450000 population as trying hard to get independent as a province. Iran is a muslim country with four conservative cities that are Qom,Mash-had,Yazd and kashan,and its all about the people .

people of kashan are very conservative and religious ,they have many ceremonies during the year in memories of leaders and prophets of islam for days their birth and death .this makes kashan an intersying city with many iranian islamic monuments that still you can see people ,mostly olders acting same way,worshipping same way as their traditions and there is always young people interested i speaking to foreigners that will expalin every thing .


kashan travel tips

kashan hotels and hostels are mostly traditional and located in city center where all historical sights are only walking distances from eachother.you can cnsider kamalalmolk square as city center and even traditional center .so if you hotel is around there you dont need taxi for most of sights in kashan .

Where to see in kashan ?

historical houses :

Tabatabaei house - Boroojerdi house - Abbasian house -

historical houses are open to before the sunset

other kashan sights :

Sultan mirahmed bath house - Sultan mirahmed shrine - Pupet museum - Kashan Taj anthropology museum - kashan city wall -

i would surely recomend to stay in Kashan for at least 3 days .

Kashan city of Hitorical Houses

kashan is a complex of the most beautiful house of Iran (Tabatabaei House),simbol of iranian houses (Boroujerdi house)the bigest iranian house (Ameriha house) ,with proud Abbasian historical house simbol of persian architechture and Sultan MirAhmed Bath house(only as a Museum ) with its lovely rooftop and the greatest irans renovation for Bath houses  are kashan attractions.

while you are visiting Kashan make sure you dont miss the great wall of the city in sunset time,its just located 5minutes walking distance from the Kashan traditional houses or kashan city center where most of kashan traditional hotels are located.

what is loved about kashan is that is not a city you can say alright iv seen enough mosque and monuments so i skip Seeing this or i see that in Yazd ir Isfahan .tis can be a great mistake of you in kashan

.come and explore walking in original allys of kashan where there was the lack of renovation for tourist attracting and what you see while walking is all coming from strength of people belife for keeping what their kashani ancestors granted them for future .

Kashan old city Architecture

kashan architecture is so wise, according to tourists comments all over google webs kashan travelers in kashan thinking that how on earth a city can be so matched in every thing,houses,people,beleifs,mosques,tombs,streets,ceremonies and being so diferrent fro other cities of Iran so much??

the narrowness of allys ,the reason why all walls are mud ,the wall of their city,the story and ways of having water to their water storages,the houses functioning and way made for scaping to neighbour houses ,the reason that were no decoration out of the house,all and all are saying something .they were not putting hope on future and were making their best to live the best at the moment .all the city was their teritory not only the houses ,some much respect .





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