"esfahan is famous for being half of the world "

i want to write about this magnificent city and i really go out of words to express such a beauty and art and knowledge of living from the time that iran was nourished with philosophers poet,artists and mathematicians but what i am saying and targeting is the people that so hard kept all this with them and carried to nowadays and love to host us to see a bit of paradise of art in three or four days that are the outcome of four and more hundreads of years .

Isfahan is half of the world 

if you ask a persian what sentence do you want to serve for esfahan they will surely say isfahan is halfof the world

this sentence is what people hared alot for ages in their city from strangers that were dealing with esfahan wether from iran or abroad and this has attracted many tourist from all around the world when world had not more than 50 million tourist per year ,while it has now more than 150 billion .

Where to visit in isfahan 

as kashan is city of houses,Yazd is city of windtowers ,shiraz is city of poems ,Isfahan is city of mosques and bridges .

you need almost 3 to 5 days in isfahan to see every thing whihc all the isfahan attractions sure worthes to see ,but here below is a list of must see attractions of esfahan :

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture that was built during the Safavid Empire, standing on the eastern side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square

Chehel Sotoun - Chehel Sotoun is a pavilion built by Shah Abbas II to be used for his entertainment and receptions.

Ali Qapu - pposite to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and had been originally designed as a vast portal.

Imam Mosque - the Shah Mosque, also known as Royal Mosque or Imam Mosque after the Iranian Revolution, is a mosque in Isfahan.





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