"neyasar an attraction close to kashan with 1500 years of history"

Neysar During History

Neyarasar is a traditional small town with nearly 4000 inhabitance .it has been a refreshing stop for Kings on the way to kasha that they had Kooshk(small palace) to stay over night or couple of days because of it good weather .even now wealthy people of kashan are having some cute houses only for their weekend .so if you are in Neyasar at thursday and friday there is more chance that Rose factories are open and you get in touch with people .

its 35mintes drive and 45 kilometer far from kashan .

Why Neyasar ?

one question that tourist always ask themself is : does Neyasar Worth To see ? so let me tell you whats going on there so than you can decide.

neyasar a town near Close to kashan wiith History of 1500 Years being famous for Roses and Rose Festival every year which starts on April and lasts to May.

Neyasar city as Qamsar city which both are doing great in rose water industry and a kind of gained capital of rose water in the world are getting both many local and nonlocal visitors for showing and presenting their product .

recently with help of private investors,kashan has devaloped in a new level of torism for both local and foreign tourists and the great help in this field been making the base wich is a decent stay and accomodation for visitors that fortunately as Neyasar is a city with 35 kilometers far from kashan is getting more annual local tourist for rose water festival which is for middle fouty days of spring season.
noral visit for Neyasar is a half day tour for 3 or max 5 hours which is starting the early morning like 5 am from kashan and arriving Neyasar at 6 am .

make sure the driver or you tour starts with a flower farm ,local people of neyasara are picking flowers at 6:00 am to 9:00 am /the best view and light is 6:00 am because they are not tired ,its frsh air and the best smell,they just started their day and its nit crowded with 10000 iranians .so you have good time to spend there .

than you go to a rose factory you see the process and if you like you can use an buy golab (Rose Water).

have a great time in Neyasar.




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