"Explore real iranian life style"

Alot people i have seen said tehran is a city to ran a way and they did .but they never found out the feeling they could have,because many people i met that they were amazed that Tehran is a city to stay for family party and getting invited over for privatre parties and its much more invornment for meeting moved youngesters by west whom has alot stories to tell and can speak many languages with high education.

Tehran is where is truely modern city but has alot of iran Sights and hidden tresures and museums ,which you cant easily find in other city .

Tehran is a city of international restuarants,Hotels and the first city that made Real cozy Hostels .

the fact that its a polluted city and croweded is true .but if you have a good driver and not cheating you there is always an easy way to get out of each Jam.

tehran is alive city in the night .and people are not walking deads but walking alive .what i felt about tehran is that people are not postponing happiness for when every thing is okay ,they get happy and make things happy each time of the day they can because they know its a rush city if they wait they just dont get it .

so go to tehran and have real iranian fun .



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