Kish Island

"Kish Island is dreamy city of each Iranian ,is where the ,luxurious life for both traveling and living is going on "

Kish island is a 91.5-square-kilometre (35.3 sq mi) resort island located in the very Southern part of iran in Persian Gulf Just beneath Hormozgan province .

Kish island is a part of Bandare Lengeh County which is a part of Hormozgan Province ,Due being Free Trade Zone and having many shopping malls,Resort hotels,Tourist attractions,and more freedome for a holiday its almost every iranian dream to travel there ,there is not many foreign travelers going to this Island but still is the third most visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia after Dubai ,sharm El Sheikh and the statistic shows one million visitors Anually, while the population is only 26000 thousan people that only 3000 are locals and the rest are business service provider migrants .






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