Kashan Toy Museum

Kashan Toy Museum is where you can get to know iranian life through eyes of old children

irans tourist is cultural tourist due to bases are founded in this field.

here we are gonna tell you about an unusual activity in kashan that can give you a great view about iran for decades of its history,

Toy Musuem is a traditional house in kashan that started on 2016 as the first toy musuem in iran ,its where any iran can find his childhood life and all memories again .as you know iran had hard moments through past 40 years such as war between iran and iraq for 8 years and more than 16 years of being in wold Sanction that raised so much economic crisis .a kind of iranian always learned to keep their happy mood ,so as kids grows faster in rough countries they sooner feel their society and parents this is exactly the point that all Toys were getting hand made by themselves with wood,paper,rope,and any basic material they could find useless, and all been played for decades till life got easier and technology killed all old memories.

here is the place that survived all memories of us.

Toy museum is a kind of culture house ,they also make some iranian traditonal show that is called KHEYME SHAB BAZI .

kheyme shab bazi is an old iranian play that i dont explain for keping the surpise till you explore it yourself at Toy museum .

one of the other thing that happens in this ver beautiful is the music and friendliness that going on .these guys are great .



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