What is Iranian Tarof?

Basically tarof is a fake offer of helping,eating,invitation,and any other fake offering just for being polite and keping the face,as it is a tradition and how every one lives .but still this is not the reason why people do this ,its only because they are livin with this from the seconds they opened their eyes and it has just became a part of them .

Tarof to tourist and none local strangers:

its not a suprise if an iranian see you for 2 minutes in a restaurant and pays for you bill even if he is not eating with you .

its not a suprise if you are sitting in the bus and iranian family come to you offering you fruit and trying to convince you taking you home and stay with them while you even have no idea who they are .


as you know Iran is a kind country ,every thing is runing with a type of kindness in this part of the world thatt doesnt match with nowadays lifestyle.

All of these are coming from the ancient time that there was no ,time matter,rough economic and new world changes ,which by the world changing in all shape, people are having less time ,the popualtion is times more and for them less people to trust,thinking as it is easier to live like Westerns and no need to follow traditions so much makes them get a way from doing many traditions which tarof is only one of them .

so after all they are still taroffing but deep inside for reasons mentioned it cant be true .

for instance the iranian man meets three friends at the restaurant they share a table for himself,his wife and three friends and at the end they all try to pay for all .i mean all of them are having a serious friendly responsible look with repeating ' no man ,common  pay for every one ' . this is exactly where i am talking about tarof .but if any of friends pay it means they pay 1/8th of their monly salary .and if this happens every week .doesnt feel good at all .

so all the efforts friends are doing in the restarant is moslty fake and some even dont have enough to pay,but they act like they are Billgates .so negotiations and discussin happening is starugle of 15 seconds but finally some one wins,and other says ' this is not good man,common man , . 

and i can say 50 percent they are happy they didnt win .but next time if they meet again every one strugles for payment but at the end the guy paid last time doesnt pay while he tries to pay.and they read all of this from the eyes of friends,seeing the determination .



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