iranian arranged marriages

iranian family is not only where you are born to but where you never lose the daily contact

what an iranian family means ?

why iranian family is so diferrent from all over the world ?

Iranian people are traditional people,they have history of 2500 years of real history and they always say 2500 years ago we had an empire and we were nice to people of the world with circus kingdome.

iranian say the first human rights is written 2500 years ago by our king and we had great lands,people,scientist,philosopher.

this is why they have a strong patriots feeling toward their land and people and also a proud face of their past.this might be the srtong reason of why iranian stick to their traditions and ancestors outcome.

with advent of technology as all over the world had changes ,iran was not an exception ,many things have just disappeared from their daily habbits which i will write about.

iranian family is one things that getting the last new world changes in iran .

still all family memebrs are living with each other till they get marry.which their marriage is arranged or they need their own parents blessings for marriage ,like all parts of the world but here in iran is not easy to have their blessings .


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