iran currency

how to calculate Iranian Currency

What is Iranian currency?


The only iranian currency is  Rial but Iranian all calculate the prices with Toman Currency which is no longer is officially use.

but as its easier due having a Zero less they are using Toman .

The Question now is How Should i know They are Telling me Rial or Toman ?

you can be sure that most of the time Iranian will use Toman for you and here is how you should calculate to prevent any mistake.

for example :

the Shopkeeper says its 100.000 toman so it is 1000.000 Rial.

the Shopkeeper Says its 10.000 Toman so its 100.000 Rial.

so If they say any price and you hear toman than act wise and Add another zero to the end .

Basically what you see on your Notes is all Rial Calculation .be patient and calculate all zeros .

The good part is that there is only 6 kind of Notes that are the most Used one that here below you can see the photos .

The main Notes are 10.000 Rial ---- 20.000 Rial ---- 50.000 Rial ---- 100.000 Rial ---- 500.000 Rial ---- 1000.000 Rial 



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