Ramadan(fasting month ) in Iran

fasting month in Iran | Ramadan in iran |Ramazan in Iran| mahe ramezan

Hello my dears

This is Fasrshad Moloodi with another article about traveling to Iran

You might be wondering when is the best time traveling to iran .i can say it depends on what you are looking for .if it is less tourist ,better hotel & taxi prices,i would defenitely recommend you to manage your trip in Ramadan month (fastin month in iran ).

maybe you think how can i get food?

first there are all the super markets open during the day and late in the night .

second there is no problem about the breakfast because the hotel provides breakfast in every where in iran ,because even iranian and muslims are not allowed to be fasting while traveling so its a good point.

breakfast time is when the mosques calls for prayers in the evening

so the only problem is the Lunch 

well, there are alot of local people and iranian travelers that are not fasting so you are not alone accordingly there should be some places in each city that they have also lunch.

in every city every Neighbourhood should have one of its shop open during the ramdan days to feed those people that are not fasting .

so travel to iran an ask your hotel where you can have your meal during the day .

Ramadan month is easier in Iran than other Muslim countires. for instance if even you drink or eat on the street there is no arresting or bad judgement about you only there can be a kind notice by mostly old people with body language that means dont eat on streets .and sure it would be with a smile .

about the police ,there is the kindest plice in iran ,as they know that you are tourist in iran and you dont know much about it or you may forget because you are not used to it they have a kind behaviour and helpful intention.

i do not mean find a way make your self free at home,and surely i know you are respecting people ,but i try to say its all safe and good in Iran and you easily can find food on ramadan .

a good solution for you is going to place where are most of historical sights and there is always restaurant businesses around.so in ramadan one of them is officially obliged to be open even though they know they dont get many customers the reason is to feed traverls that according to islam are not supposed to be fasting .

lets know more about people on this holly ramadan month in iran .

There is two Branches Of Islam that are the main one that some times get some diferences SUNNI branch and SHIA branch .

mostly for sunnis that are minority in iran ramazan starts a day earlier so if in that time you are traveling in sunni cities know the fact that ramadan starts a day earlier for them and also they finish a day earlier at the end .

the reason is they set their Islam holly practicing mainly with Saudi Arabia that all people there are sunnis .

ramadan has some rules that :

one of them is if you are pregnnant you shouldnt be fasting .but later you should start fasting in a proper time after you give birth to your child .

if you are sick for example for 5 days than you should do  5 fasting later .

if you are fasting and you forget it and you eat ,you are allowed to stop and wash your mouth and continue the fasting and it is said in this case God has invited you some food .

breaking fast in not only eating but looking at ladies naked body of other oposite gender with sexual entention .thinking or looking at oposite gender with sexual intention.

harming your body in any way .

hitiing some one or doing any thing that is not moral to humans ,such as lie,backbiting,not doing the client job as you should,masturbation and .....etc .

and at the end is traveling out side of you residence city for 7 kilometer than you just become a traveler.and fasting is not for travelers and they should follow the  fasting later .

but of you are not fasting without any reason accepted ,than you are commiting a sin and the consequences are feeding 

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