Hijab in Iran

Persian Hijab Culture Code

hello my dear Iran travelers 

This is Farshad Moloodi with another article about iran 

the very strange thing which you need to do in iran and some muslim Coutries is THE HIJAB.

Hijab is practicly a cover you used for your body inorder men cant see your skin and body shape .

Hijab contains Roosari-Shall (veil -scarf) ,CHADOR(a Big black scarf that covers whole body) and there is the third one which its name is MANTO (a long dress which covers upper part of ladies body from kness to neck and wrist.its almost a long shirt .its is applied with Roosari.

there is no need to be worry about it,its not as hard as you think about the law or getting in trouble  for sure you would not get in trouble ,because the both police and people knows that you are not used to it .and even they dont warn you unless big part of your skin is out and they will notice you with kindness and the only thing is they(People) warn you so that you dont get warn by others .

almost 15 to 20 percent of the poplulation wears CHADOR (big black veil that covers whole body).and you shouldnt be worry if you dont have it .and you dont need to have it entering mosque but your hair should be covered well,and doing your best .only for entering the shrine and moseluem you need CHADOR that actualy they have it right before ladies enterance .so all things has already been taken care of .

take care and come to iran .




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