How To Get Iran Visa

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How to Get an Iran Travel Visa

Getting an Iranian tourist visa is not very difficult and we will help guide you through the process. It is just a question of filing out a couple of forms, paying a visa fee and waiting for the visa to be issued.

American tourists are almost never denied a visa. The visa process itself is not very difficult, but it is somewhat slow. Up until recently it had been taking around 8 weeks to receive a visa. But in late 2017 the Iranian Foreign Ministry began to issue what they call “e-visas”.  They now send us a visa form with all the data in digital format. This form still needs to be mailed to the Iranian Interest Section in Washington along with your passport. But the whole processing time has been shortened and simplified. This is good news for American tourists.

If you have had an Israeli entrance stamped on your passport within the past year you will not be issued a visa. You would have to get a brand new passport. This has changed from time to time, but at present this situation holds true and is something that is beyond our control.

We will be ready to help you with any questions you have during the visa process. We understand the process can be a little confusing. So do not hesitate to call or write us with any questions.

The main thing to understand is that there TWO separate forms to fill out. Here are the steps, with some further explanation below.

NOTICE: The forms on this site are “fillable”.  This means that you can conveniently complete such forms right on your computer by simply typing information into the form’s displayed fields.

Once you have filled them out, you can then print your completed forms, sign them as required and submit the forms to us as you normally would via regular mail or email.

(You can download a free copy of Adobe’s PDF Reader here, if you need it.)

Summary of Steps:

Request one of our tours to get started: Our tour itineraries and tour prices.
Fill out the following form: Reference Number Form (Click here to download > Reference Number Form) — this document is fillable.
Do a scan of the cover page of your passport. This scan MUST be in color.  Make sure it is clear and send it to us.
Write up a 1-page CV or personal bio, including your education and professional history. It need not be too full of detail and you should be able to do it on 1 page of text.
Send everything to us (the Reference Number Form, image of your passport cover, and the CV). Wait until we get your reference number back from Iran.
Fill out and forward to us the Iran visa application form (Click here to download > Iran-Visa-Application-Form) — this document is fillable.
Complete the process of scheduling your tour.
Send in the completed visa application form, together with your passport, a passport-sized photo and your payment for the visa. Please note: Women do NOT have to have their hair covered for the visa photo, unless they are Muslim women. This may have been true at one time but it is not true at present.
Do NOT send it to us. Mail it to the Iranian Interests Section. The address is to send the visa application form is below AND on the top of the form:


1250 23rd St NW  Suite 200

Washington, DC 20037

Wait for your passport to be received back, with the visa inside it.
Let us know you have received the visa so we can complete your tour arrangements.

The Detailed Steps:

1. The first thing to do is to request a tour: tour itineraries and tour prices.

Then you can get a reference number. You get this from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Teheran. Don’t worry, we will do this for you. Don’t forget to download > Reference Number Form. — this document is fillable.

You must complete one Reference Number form for each person traveling. Then send us the completed form(s) at the address below and we will forward it to the proper Iranian authorities.

Please send the completed Reference Number forms with your Tour Deposit to the address below:

Dept:  ILT – Reference Number Form
1848 Torrington St.
Raleigh, NC 27615
It usually takes at least a week to get the reference number. We will inform you as soon as we get it.

2. Download and fill out the Iran Visa Application form (one form for each person traveling): Click here to download > Iran-Visa-Application-Form-101. — this document is fillable.

You must wait until we receive notification of your Reference Number – sending in your Iran Visa Application without this number will cause an automatic rejection.

3. Once your reference number has been granted and the form returned to us, we will contact you with the number(s).

NOW you can add the reference number(s) to the Iran Visa Application form(s) and mail the completed form(s) to the Iranian Interest Section at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, D.C. (See address below).

Please note carefully: Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months AFTER your planned arrival date in Iran.

4. When filling out the Iran Visa Application form, it is critical that you write the correct reference number we have given you on the top right-hand part of the visa application.

Also, make sure that you have a recent passport-sized photo to attach to the application form. Failure to add the reference number or include a photo will cause an automatic rejection.

5. Send the completed Iran Visa Application form with fees to the address indicated below, along with your passport-sized photos and your US passports.

1250 23rd St NW  Suite 200

Washington, DC 20037

You must also include payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check.  This payment should include the cost of each visa you are applying – $90 for each visa – plus $30 for return FedEx shipping.

The shipping charge is for all the passports,visa forms, money order and photos together.  For example, if you are applying for 2 visas, the total cost would be $210: $90 fee for each visa plus $30 for the return FedEx shipping.

When mailing your applications and passports to the Iranian Interests Section, it is a good idea to send it either FedEx or Priority Mail with tracking for safety’s sake, since your passports are enclosed. Of course, if you are in the Washington, DC area you can pick up the visa yourself and save the $30 shipping charge.

With improved relations between Iran and the U.S. the whole visa process has gotten faster. On our own recent trip to Iran, it took a few days to get the reference number and then around 2 weeks to get the visa.

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