People Are The Attraction

people of iran are ranked as the most hospitable humans of iran

hello my Dear Iran travelers 

This is Farshad Moloodi with another Article about my Glorius Land

let me start with the world 

the country you travel wether is religious ,deprived,or free and rich it has places to have fun but what is the thing that makes the most diferent is the People .there are places and countries you might traveled and you didnt get so much into it and there was something missing that is not a product but makes most things "KINDNESS" without Favour back .


When you are the most lost in streets you are the most found .there is some one kindly telling you lets go home .

i am farshad and i am used to work in hostel for years that my working time was  24 hours a day .during the day as receptionist and in the night as night Guard .

and i totaly felt this things as i tell you and before starting my job in the Hostel i was a tour guide and serving my service for Free in historical houses.

there were many people in this Four years coming to me,sending me mails,msgs ,whats apps with Jaw Dropped saying :

  • Hell No ,in the Bus Terminal i randomly asked where can i get ticket to kashan and after showing me the office i wanted to pay the fee and had the Facial expression that 'SIR IT IS PAID "


  • Wow My wifre and I only met Three Young girls for ten minutes ont the way to restaurant and even we were thinking to finish the conversation before Reaching the place inorder not being forced to pay for their lunch and they left us ,but after an hour coming back to pay ,the cashier it is paid by three young girls .                    We never met them again


  • i asked where is the terminal but he insist taking me to esfahan ,first i thought he might want to go to esfahan too ,but he went back to Abyaneh after taking me off .he didnt accept anything from me .i am amazed .


  • Hotels were full,so there was no way but continuing our way to next city Esfahan ,we realized that its 8pm and buses are only available till 7pm .there was an Iranian couple and took us home ,we partied till late in the night ,they showed us around for two days and also took us to esfahan and we picnicked in abyaneh ,we had a lovely day in kashan.  


These were only few msgs on internet of iran travelers .

Yes ,Welcome to cuntry where its peoples  humanity is what never told on medias ,come and become the Next people to write and talk about people .





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