Noghli houe

This hotel placed in Kashan

"noghli house a traditional persin hostel located in old part of kashan city center a budget stay"

Noghli House is a small well located hostel for midrange stay in heart of kashan where is easy to interact with local life of kashan .

its a beautiful place with pleasent environement for drinking tea in the evening and chilliing out with other traverls and staff .

Noghli Hotel has 23 Rooms and capacity of 80 people per night.

Noghli house is complex of three houses ,two of them(Noghli and RezvanianHouse)are connected and the third house(Doost House) is in 50 meters distance .

Noghli Hostel some days of the week Used to serve traditional local food with reaonable prices thats these days they improved buisness and made a lovely Yard Restaurant in Doost House.




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